Introducing the @SECS_C blog!

Just getting started blogging about the SECS_C. Note the underline instead of the hyphen to match with our Twitter account! OMG, there is so much to write about and will soon dig in.  The time if ripe in the U.S. to ask for a sex and RELATIONSHIPS curriculum. Seriously, health and prevention is important, but to treat sex education as primarily about preventing pregnancy, disease, and, well, sex? That's so minimal, and so wrong-minded. I will be writing about why MUTUALITY Is an aim for ethical sex, why CONSENT campaigns miss the mark, why sex ed needs to be taught by regular teachers in a high school and not the school nurse, and more. Thanks for stopping by and get ready for a rant or two, definitely some ethical philosophy (for that's the foundation of the SECS-C), and tidbits from inside the curriculum.